Miss Rapid City Scholarship Foundation
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Little Miss Rapid City

MASTER SCHEDULE (as of 2/26/15)

Little Miss Rapid City 2014

Lauren Whyte

Little Miss Rushmore 2014

Kiley Durward

Little Miss Rapid City Program

Welcome to the Little Miss Rapid City Pageant. This pageant is part of the Miss Rapid City Scholarship Program and is designed to give girls an opportunity to be involved in the Miss South Dakota Organization before they reach official competition age.


Little Miss Rapid City is open to female South Dakota residents that live or attend school within Rapid City or a 30-mile radius and are 9 to 10 years of age on the date of the pageant.

Depending on the number of eligible contestants, an additional title may also be awarded.

Little Miss Rushmore
is open to female South Dakota residents that live or attend school anywhere within South Dakota and are 9 to 10 years of age on of the date of the pageant.

If you are older or younger than these ages, please ask us about participating in our Little Sister, Petite Miss Rapid City, Miss Rapid City’s Outstanding Preteen or Miss Rapid City’s Outstanding Teen Programs.

Scoring and Judging

The judging system is designed to promote diversity, individuality and overall achievement among all contestants. Judges will score the individual contestant immediately following each phase of the competition. Contestants are scored on a full point scale within each category. All judges have been educated on the judging system and represent a variety of professional sectors within their communities.

Private Interview (50% of total score)
Each contestant will participate in an individual 6-minute interview with a panel of at least three judges. Questions will come from a variety of areas, including but not limited to the contestants fact sheet.

The contestant’s wardrobe should be age appropriate -- a nice pair of slacks, a skirt with a top or a dress -- something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Criteria for scoring: first impression, personality, intelligence, articulation, confidence, charisma and poise.

Poise and Confidence in Party Dress (25% of total score)
During the pageant, each contestant will walk on stage in a party dress of their choice. The dress itself is not judged. We encourage a simple party dress that shows YOU off.

Judges will be looking for poise, confidence, posture, and stage presence.

On-Stage Question (25% of total score)
Each contestant will be asked a question while on stage. Questions will be age appropriate.

The contestant is judged on how well she handles the pressure of speaking on stage in front of an audience.

Participation Instructions

To become a contestant:

1. Download the Little Miss Contestant Guide. This guide contains a lot of information to help you prepare for the pageant. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Petite Miss/Little Miss/Preteen Co-Director.

2. Mail the following items to the address below by Thursday, February 5, 2015Deadline extended to: Friday, Febuary 13:

      - Contestant Fact Sheet (found in the Little Miss Contestant Guide)
      - Signed Parent / Guardian Consent Form (found in the Little Miss Contestant Guide)
      - $50.00 Entry Fee (Please make checks payable to: Miss Rapid City Scholarship Program)

Little Miss Rapid City Program
3917 Hampton Court
Rapid City, SD 57701

3. E-mail the following item to LittleMissRapidCity@gmail.com 
      by Thursday, February 5, 2015Deadline extended to: Friday, Febuary 13:

      - A clear head-and-shoulder photo (school photo is perfect)

Due to the popularity of this Pageant, registrations will be limited to the first 20 contestants. When your official contestant paperwork is fully completed and received, you will be placed as a contestant in this local pageant. Official paperwork includes the fact sheet, consent form and entry fee. Phone calls, e-mails requests, etc., will not be considered as official entries.

Petite Miss/Little Miss/Preteen Co-Directors
Nadine Thomas
6503 Kennemer Drive
Rapid City, SD 57702
Cell: (605) 391-2762

Carol Boland
3917 Hampton Court
Rapid City, SD 57701
Cell: (605) 391-0505

Email: LittleMissRapidCity@gmail.com

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