Teen (13 - 17 years of age)

Welcome to the Miss Rapid City’s Outstanding Teen Competition! 

This local competition is a preliminary event that will qualify the representative(s)

to participate in the Miss South Dakota Scholarship Competition held in Brookings, SD in May.

The young lady chosen in Rapid City moves on to compete in the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Competition in Orlando, Florida.

We would LOVE to have you involved in our competition. Girls with any level of experience are welcome. We teach what they need to know so every young lady has the tools to be successful and most importantly, enjoy themselves during this experience. We have girls range from veterans to first-timers, so come and join the fun!

The Miss Rapid City's Outstanding Teen Competition is open to female South Dakota residents that live, work or attend school within South Dakota and meet the following age requirements:

- The contestant must be a minimum of thirteen (13) years of age on the first day of the State competition (May 2020).
- May not have graduated from high school before the start of the MAOT National Finals, except for 16 year-olds (or younger) who graduate early.
- May not turn eighteen (18) years of age on or before July 31 of the year of the National Finals in which she will compete.

Depending on the number of eligible representatives, additional titles of Miss Rushmore’s Outstanding Teen, Miss Badlands’ Outstanding Teen, Miss Black Hills Gold's Outstanding Teen, and Miss Pasque's Outstanding Teen will also likely be awarded. All titles given at this event are open to female South Dakota residents that live, work or attend school anywhere within South Dakota and meet the age requirements indicated above. For more information on eligibility click here. There is also a $100 entrance fee. Representatives will also be expected to make at least one public appearance during their reign. A chart explaining the eligibility can be found at the bottom of this page..

Talent (35% of total score)
Representatives will perform a 90-second maximum routine of their own choosing. Some possible talents include, but not limited to, vocal (pop, country, jazz, etc.), dancing, gymnastics, instrumental music, monologue (dramatic or comedic), baton twirling and poetry recital.

Criteria for Scoring:
-Talent selection and performance, as it distinguishes both the contestant’s skills and personality
-Interpretive ability
-Technical skill level (execution, technique, synchronization, control)
-Stage presence and on-stage personality
-Totality of all elements (including costume, props, voice, use of body, choreography)

Private Interview (35% of total score)
Each representative will participate in an individual 8-minute interview with a panel of 5 judges. Representatives will be questioned on information she provided on her application and fact sheet, as well as information found on her official school transcript, as well as education and career goals, family life, platform, and other interests.
Questions will be directed to determine the representative’s ability to fulfill the job of Miss South Dakota’s Outstanding Teen.

Criteria for Scoring:
-Qualities and attributes of a Miss South Dakota’s Outstanding Teen
-Overall first impression
-Validated aspirations, opinions and responses in context
-Poise, personal appearance and attractiveness
-Personality, intelligence, style and emotional control
-Speech, vocabulary and grammar
-Confident and commanding presence
-Knowledge, understanding and ability to articulate her platform issue
-Sense of accomplishment
-Ability to fulfill job responsibilities of Miss South Dakota’s Outstanding Teen

Evening Wear and On Stage Question (20% of total score)

Evening Wear and On Stage Question will be combined for a total of 20%. Representatives appear on stage in an outfit of their choosing, representative of what she would wear to a formal event.

Criteria for Scoring:
-Quality and attributes
-Overall first impression
-Sense of confidence, personality and stage presence
-Walk, posture, carriage and grace
-Appropriateness of attire and sense of style
-Sense of attractiveness, beauty and charm
-Extemporaneous responses to On-Stage Questions
-Did the representative answer the question in the context in which it was asked?
-Can she handle the pressure of speaking on stage in front of an audience?
-Will younger people see her as a Role Model who is reflective of today’s generation?

Lifestyle & Fitness in Sportswear (10% of total score)

This is an opportunity for the judges to get a glimpse of the representatives daily routine and lifestyle. For this phase of competition, the contestants will perform a physical fitness routine in matching sportswear. The physical fitness routine has a segment of all representatives dancing together, then individual segments for each representatives to demonstrate her physical fitness. Each representative will wear the same style of active wear, assigned shortly before the competition (such as everyone in black shorts and red T-shirts, as an example).

Criteria for Scoring:
-Quality and attributes
-Overall first impression
-Statement of strong physical fitness and health
-Sense of attractiveness and presence
-Display of energy, charisma and expression
-Sense of confidence and composure
-Participation Instructions
-To become a representative, please review the Teen Representative Guide.

Email or mail the following documents to Sara Frankenstein by December 31st, 2019.
Teen Representative Guide
* Talent/Program Book Form

*Teen Contract

* Resume

* Social Impact  Instructions

* $100 entrance fee

If you have questions, please contact:

Executive Director
Sara Frankenstein
4470 Rimrock Drive
Rapid City, SD 57702
Email: smfranken@hotmail.com
Home: (605) 787-4835
Cell: (605)  381-1693
Work: (605) 342-1078

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Important Links: Teen Contestant Guide,Talent/Program Book Guide, Contract, and Resume